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General conditions

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General terms and conditions for the SACEM Internet site

SACEM (Society of authors, composers and publishers of music) is a non-profit non-trading entity, whose essential mission entails collecting royalties and distributing them to its members. This Internet site, which is the property of SACEM, was designed both to satisfy members’ expectations by offering them appropriate services intended to facilitate collection and distribution of royalties and inform the public on the subject of the rights of authors, composers and publishers of music and on the obligations of customers who use music. You must agree to use the Internet site in compliance with current regulations, public policy and good conduct and respect these terms and conditions and other specific conditions provided for on some of the Internet site’s pages (e.g., access reserved for members). This means you must have read them and, to the extent they are likely to be updated, you must consult them on a regular basis. The fact that you continue using the site after the publication of modifications means you accept them.

1. Protection of personal data:

1.1 Personal data processed by SACEM

Being strongly attached to respect for personal data, SACEM has, since 2010, appointed a CIL (Data Protection Authority Correspondent) in charge of seeing to the proper enforcement of the Law of 6 January 1978 (hereinafter called the “Data Protection Law”). Your personal data are collected, treated and stored in compliance with the Data Protection Law. Pursuant to the provisions in Article 22 of this Law and Article 47 of the Decree of 20 October 2005, the processing of personal data collected via the Internet site appears in the SACEM processing list drawn up by the CIL.

Pursuant to the provisions in Article 32 of the Data Protection Law, you are informed that:

  • SACEM processes the data collected in particular, depending on the pages and non-restrictively, in order to:
    • - answer your requests for information or anything else;
    • - collect royalties and monitor customer relations (licensing operators, online payment of invoices, etc);
    • - distribute royalties and manage members’ activities (special access for SACEM members, etc);
    • - provide financial aid in the framework of cultural initiatives;
    • - publish your Internet site;
    • - sign you up on a circulation list or for a newsletter.
  • The data collected are intended only for internal use by SACEM, its partners (some of whom may be located outside the European Union, in particular sister societies) and tax and social organizations, when applicable.
  • SACEM, as a society in charge of collecting and distributing royalties, engages in no commercial prospecting. Your personal data are neither sold, nor rented, whether for a fee or free of charge, to third parties and are not used for commercial exploitation.
  • If you are a SACEM member or customer, you have the possibility of changing your personal data directly from your secure personal space. More generally, you have a right of access, questioning, rectification and opposition in the conditions provided for in Articles 38, 39 and 40 of the Data Protection Law which you may exercise, in particular by postal letter with a copy of your ID enclosed to the following address: SACEM, 225 Avenue Charles de Gaulle - 92528 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex - France.

1.2 Personal data processed on behalf of SDRM

SACEM collects personal data in certain pages of its Internet site on behalf of SDRM, for processing, in particular licensing requests for mechanical reproduction rights.

The information collected is intended for SDRM, partners and/or social structures, tax and financial organizations within or outside the European Union.

Data Protection Law which you may exercise, in particular by postal letter with a copy of your ID enclosed to the following address: SDRM, 225 Avenue Charles de Gaulle - 92528 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex - France.

SACEM invites you to read the information on the different forms you may have to fill in on the site, which provide you more specifically, depending on your query, your contact for processing, the purpose of the processing and the conditions for exercising your right of access, rectification and opposition and, in particular, the name of the department to which you can address your queries.  

We remind you that no personal information made accessible on the Internet site may be collected and processed without prior consent in writing from the person concerned. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to collect and use such data, whether by hand or automation, especially for sending unsolicited advertising messages.

2. Cookies:

You are informed that, when you visit the Internet site, one or more cookies may automatically be stored in your computer in order to record certain data concerning your browsing (pages consulted, date and time of consultation, etc). Cookies serve only to optimize your browsing on the site.

You can reject cookies by configuring your terminal according to your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome...). Each browser publisher specifies on its Internet site how to configure your terminal so as not to receive cookies.

If you have a personal space on the SACEM site, cookies are necessary to guarantee its security and integrity. Consequently, you are informed that once this new configuration has been set up and the cookies deactivated, you will no longer be able to browse in your personal space.

3. Intellectual property:

All content (text, sound, image, software, logo, etc) published on the SACEM Internet site is protected in compliance with the provisions of French law and international conventions relating to Intellectual Property.

Subject to the provisions in Articles L.122-5, L.211-3 and L.342-3 of the Intellectual Property Code, and the different conditions of use determined by free licences when content is identified as coming under such a licence, any reproduction and/or communication to the public of all or part of such content is subject to licensing.

Moreover, any unauthorized reproduction and/or communication to the public of trademarks and logos present on the site amount to counterfeiting and its authors are liable for criminal sanctions, in particular those provided for in Articles L.335-2 and L.343-1 of the Intellectual Property Code.

The databases, if applicable, on the Internet site or its stripping (e.g., the mobile application with the catalogue of SACEM works) are protected under the provisions relating to legal protection of databases, whose unauthorized reuse, reproduction or extraction would engage your responsibility.

4. Hypertext links:

4.1 Hypertext links to the SACEM Internet site

The creation of any hypertext links to the SACEM Internet site is undertaken under the sole responsibility of the persons having created them and can in no way be the responsibility of SACEM, which reserves the right to request the dereferencing of such links, especially when the site hosting the link infringes authors’ rights or SACEM’s reputation.

4.2 Hypertext links to other sites from the SACEM Internet site

The Internet site includes hypertext links to other sites, which are not under SACEM’s control. Consequently, these Internet sites may be modified, updated or deleted at any time by the publisher under their sole responsibility. SACEM can in no way be held responsible for the content, advertising, products or services available on such external sites or sources accessible through a hypertext link from its Internet site.

5. “Internet sites” page:

If you are a SACEM member, the latter offers the possibility of referencing your personal Internet site on this page.

SACEM reserves the right not to publish members’ sites when they are unrelated to the activity sectors of authors, composers and publishers of music, do not comply with the editorial line of its Internet site or contrary to a legal or regulatory provision.

Outside the verifications it undertakes on the nature of the sites of its members to be published, SACEM does not check the veracity of the information provided by advertisers. Such verification is the sole responsibility of users.

SACEM has no role in finalizing transactions or in delivering the products or services proposed and can in no way be held responsible.

6. Access personal spaces and services on the SACEM Internet site:

Access to certain spaces and services on the SACEM Internet site is reserved for members or their proxies as well as customers. An identifier and a password are necessary to access these spaces and services.

Requesting an identifier and password:

  • “Member” space: if you are a SACEM member or a proxy, you have received your identifier by e-mail and your password by mail. Otherwise, you can file a request for an access account by providing your title, surname (or corporate name), given name, e-mail, COAD number, bank account number and filling in the CAPTCHA®. You will receive your identifiers and password by e-mail. You can change your identifier and password from your personal space.
  • “Client” space: if you are a SACEM customer, you have received a letter by mail inviting you to create your Internet account using your personal customer identification codes. You can also use the customer identification codes featured on your invoices. If you do not have these codes, you can obtain them by filling in a form with in particular your surname (or corporate name), given name, electronic and postal addresses. We remind you that only one access is possible per customer account. You may change your Internet access codes from your personal space.
  • “Assistance for projects” space: if you have a project in the framework of Cultural Initiatives and are already a Member or Client, you can identify yourself directly with your identifiers created for these spaces. Otherwise, to obtain identification codes, you can create your account by filling in your surname, given name and e-mail address, so you can receive a message with your identifier and password. You can change the password from your personal space.

Your identifier and password are strictly personal and confidential. We recommend that you change them regularly. You are responsible for handling and keeping them as well as the consequences of their use, In particular if you communicate them to third parties.

You are assumed to have performed any action on the SACEM Internet site using your identifier and password. Electronic recording of such actions, or their reproduction by IT media or hard copy, are valid in your relations with SACEM. SACEM must be informed immediately in the event of any unauthorized use of your identifier and password.

By identifying yourself, you recognize that you have read the conditions for access to personal spaces and services, and agree to the rules for use and proof.

If you are a SACEM customer, you have the possibility in particular of applying for a licence online. For such operations, you must refer to the general online licensing conditions available in your personal space.

In this context, you have register your estimate before validating your license application. Until your application has been validated and remains a draft, the tariffs can always be changed. You are informed that the number of tariff simulations you make are historized.

You can also pay royalties either by finalizing your request by credit card or direct debit, or by sending a cheque to SACEM immediately.

SACEM also provides online payment of invoices. To make a payment on our secure platform, just go to your account and select the invoices to be paid. You can choose to pay by credit card or by debit.

Moreover, the terms and conditions applying specifically to payment operations are those communicated by SOGENACTIF, which you must have read before any payment. SACEM cannot be held responsible for any dysfunction of the SOGENACTIF application.

SACEM members have the possibility of registering their works online. For such operations, they must refer to the Terms and Conditions for online registration of works.

7. Liability:

The information provided on the SACEM Internet site are taken from reputedly reliable sources. SACEM cannot guarantee, however, that they are true, complete and up to date. You alone can ensure proper use of the information made available to you on the site, with discernment and intelligence.

SACEM is free to alter the content of the site at any time and without warning.

SACEM can in no way be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of the Internet site or for the impossibility of using the site, in whole or in part, due in particular to technical maintenance operations or any technical problem of any nature whatsoever.

Moreover, any information or documents you may transmit via the forms available on the SACEM Internet site, of which you must always keep a copy, should not include any infringing content, in particular contrary to the law and order or good conduct, to intellectual law or personality rights.

You may not transmit any advertising or unsolicited promotional material (“spamming”), or any content containing computer viruses.