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Répertoire des œuvres - La Sacem

A rich repertoire of works

SACEM gives you access to its repertoire of 90 million French and foreign musical works.

Consulting our repertoire

SACEM repertoire includes the world’s broadest selection of music.

  • The works you use were created by authors and composers and are protected by law.
  • You must get a licence from SACEM to use them.
  • SACEM collects royalties and distributes them to creators and publishers, to remunerate
    their work. Paying royalties entitles you to use these works in full respect of
    copyright/authors’ rights.


Flat rate of €0.10 (exc VAT)* per E-card sent and per work

* plus current levies and taxes (VAT and social contributions).

The remuneration cannot be lower than a minimum fee of €50 (exc VAT) for any request involving less than 500 e-cards sent and per work.

Getting a licence

  1. Describe your project by filling in our online form.
  2. A SACEM consultant will contact you to finalize your licence request form.


  • Other licences may be necessary, depending on the type of music you want to use (pre-existing music, commissioned music, etc).
  • If you use commercial recordings (singles, albums, including those which are self-produced), you must also apply for a licence from the producers of such recordings. For answers to your questions, you can contact: