Sacem Annual Report 2020

Solidarity is at the heart of our collective management model. Our values have given us the strength to trust in our future.

This annual report recounts Sacem’s activies in 2020: the solidarity, responsibility and sense of community that will always form the foundation of our commitment. Nonetheless; 2020 still remains a year during which its transformation accelerated to best meet the needs of our 182,520 members and 380,000 music-using clients.

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Very early on, Sacem took the measure of what the crisis meant for authors, composers and publishers: a tremendous double-blow loss of income. The first hit was brutal and immediate, with the end of orders and artistic projects, but it was also long-lasting, since royalties are by nature paid after the works have been exploited. The losses will continue in 2022. 

Sacem, as a private, non-profit and non-trading entity, was also hit very hard by this loss. More than ever, the year 2020 showed how useful, legit and strong our model for the defence of copyright and collective management is. In the meantime, Sacem anticipates changes in usage, identifies new sources of revenue, negotiates agreements to ensure fair remuneration for its members — all while continuously improving its digital performance.

Published October 19 2021