Together, let's support the #ScèneFrançaise

May 2020

Today more than ever, the French scene needs you.


The #SceneFrancaise is made up of authors, composers, performers, musicians, DJs, publishers, producers, managers, directors, mixers, sound engineers, press officers, graphic designers, video artists, make-up artists, photographers, bookers, programmers, venue managers, and let’s not forget teachers, trainers, or coaches.
It takes talent to make a song, a piece of music, a script or a sketch find its way to your ears and catch the spotlight. Each link in the chain is important — and in danger — today!


On Thursday 07 May, Sacem launched, with a number of partners, a national campaign to support the French artistic performance scene. This #ScèneFrançaise operation is a movement of solidarity, but also of responsibility, toward our "made in France" culture.

It's not just about the Francophone angle, it encompasses all types of repertoires and genres, all French creations and productions. To broadcast more French works, whether techno, chanson, jazz or contemporary music, is to ensure a future for French artists.

- Sacem calls on all radio stations, broadcasters and other actors in the music world to promote and play the works of French artists to the public through all available channels (audiovisual, social networks, platforms) so they can benefit from the royalties that come along with this distribution.

- At the same time, Sacem calls on all authors, composers and publishers to contribute to this movement and to spread the word as widely as possible by sharing it on their own sites and social networks using the hashtag.

- Sacem also calls on all music lovers to join this movement by using the hashtag that symbolizes the operation: #SceneFrancaise. We want people to share their love for artists or works and highlight the extraordinary dynamism and diversity of music Made In France.

27 performers and personalities have already committed to the movement:

Check out Ayo, Alain Chamfort, André Manoukian, Ben Mazué, Bob Sinclar, Boulevard des Airs, Camille Berthollet, Chilla, Christophe Mali, Clara Luciani, Claudio Capeo, Delphine de Vigan, Gaëtan Roussel, Gautier Capuçon, Guizmo, Hoshi, Julie Berthollet, La Grande Sophie, Malik Djoudi, Manu Katché, Michael Canitrot, Mila Dietrich, Nagui, Philippe Manœuvre, Sandra Nkaké, in the #ScèneFrançaise campaign solidarity video. Help us share it!



To experience all the contributions from the music industry and fans who support the movement, check out:

> The #SceneFrançaise website
The Instagram account
The Facebook page

Published May 21 2020