SDRM is the Society for the Administration of Mechanical Reproduction Rights of authors, composers, publishers, dubbing and subtitles authors.


Founded in 1935, it defends their material and moral interests regarding Mechanical Reproduction Rights Fermer Mechanical Reproduction rights: concern the fixation of works on media which make it possible to communicate them to a public (CD, CD Rom, vinyl, multimedia, etc.). for works recorded on physical media (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, video, etc).

SDRM groups:

  • SACEM Fermer SACEM: Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music
  • AEEDRM Fermer AEEDRM:Association of Publishers for the Exploitation of Mechanical Reproduction Rights

Its missions:

  • licensing the mechanical reproduction of works from the repertoires it manages,
  • setting the conditions for such licensing,
  • collecting and distributing the corresponding royalties.


By contacting SACEM, and consequently SDRM, you fulfil your obligations to the authors, composers and publishers whose works in its repertoire you wish to reproduce.

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