How to get a licence for
Branded Service (Webradio, Livestream, etc.)

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SACEM repertoire includes the world’s broadest selection of music.

  • The works you use were created by authors and composers and are protected by law.
  • You must get a licence from SACEM to use them.
  • SACEM collects royalties and distributes them to creators and publishers, to remunerate
    their work. Paying royalties entitles you to use these works in full respect of
    copyright/authors’ rights.


Tariffs vary according to your project

Licensing conditions

Your licence is granted for reproduction rights FermerReproduction rights:
for recording works on media for the purpose of communicating them to audiences (CD, CD Rom, LP, multimedia, etc).
and performing rights FermerPerforming rights:
for communication of a work to audiences, in particular by playing music in public places (shops, cinemas, discotheques, concerts, etc) and through media (radio, television, Internet, etc).
for non-interactive streaming purposes. Your listeners will be unable to:

  • download the works in the programme,
  • alter the composition of the programme to change or customize it,
  • select parts of the programme to have access to the works included in any individualized way at a time of their choice.

This licence does not concern, in particular, moral rights FermerMoral rights:
moral rights, which grant authors the right for their name, position and work to be respected, are permanent, inalienable and imprescriptible.
, subsidiary rights, such as arrangement, adaptation and translation rights FermerAdaptation, arrangement and translation rights:
a licence must be obtained from rights holders before undertaking any arrangement, adaptation or translation, i.e., any change in the original work (new version, remix, etc)
, etc. Nor does it concern neighbouring
rights FermerNeighbouring rights:
rights recognized by the French Intellectual Property Code (Book II), for performers and phonogram and videogram producers, in particular.

  • The licence is granted for France, Luxembourg and Monaco.
  • You must be of legal age or the legal representative of a minor or a person under guardianship or curatorship.

Getting a licence

  1. Describe your project by filling in our online form.
  2. A SACEM consultant will contact you to finalize your licence request.


  • If you use commercial recordings (singles, albums, including those which are self-produced), you must also apply for a licence from the producers of such recordings. For answers to your questions, you can contact:
  • The works you intend to offer in the context of your webradio may also belong to the repertoires of the following authors’ societies:

We invite you to contact them to be informed of their licensing conditions.