How to get a licence for
a television channel

Licence managed by :

Répertoire des œuvres - La Sacem

A rich repertoire of works

SACEM gives you access to its repertoire of 90 million French and foreign musical works.

Consulting our repertoire

This licence concerns several repertoires. SACEM and SDRM simplify the procedure with a single contract.


  • Authors’ remuneration is proportional to the broadcaster’s resources.
  • The applicable base rate is 5%.

This rate covers, in general, the repertoires of:
- SACEM, SACD, SCAM, ADAGP and SDRM for SACEM mechanical reproduction rights.

  • For the use works from the repertoires of authors’ societies for the forms of exploitation defined in your contract (e.g., broadcast by cable, satellite, ADSL or fibre, terrestrial airwaves...), you will be granted a blanket licence which does not depend on the number of works used. This entitles you to draw from the authors’ societies repertoires, on condition obviously of respecting the authors’ moral rights.

Getting a licence

  1. Describe your project by filling in our online form.
  2. A SACEM consultant will contact you to finalize your licence request.