How to get a licence for
a magazine or a newspaper covermount

Licence managed by :

Répertoire des œuvres - La Sacem

A rich repertoire of works

SACEM gives you access to its repertoire of 90 million French and foreign musical works.

Consulting our repertoire

This licence concerns several repertoires. SACEM and SDRM simplify the procedure with a single contract.


Getting a licence

  1. You must, before preparing the free record, provide SDRM with the list of works you wish to reproduce by downloading the licence request form.

    NB: any licence request form which is incomplete or incorrectly filled in will be returned, which will delay the licensing procedure.

  2. You must include with your request form all written licences obtained from music publishers (or, otherwise, from the creators of the works reproduced) confirming the possibility of reproducing the works concerned on the free record.
  3. SDRM will check that the works actually belong to the repertoires it represents and send you by e-mail an estimate for the licence, specifying the amount you will have to pay.
  4. The licence comes into effect as soon as SDRM has confirmed your payment.