How to get a licence for
Pay-as-you-go music download service

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SACEM repertoire includes the world’s broadest selection of music.

  • The works you use were created by authors and composers and are protected by law.
  • You must get a licence from SACEM to use them.
  • SACEM collects royalties and distributes them to creators and publishers, to remunerate
    their work. Paying royalties entitles you to use these works in full respect of
    copyright/authors’ rights.


Pay-as-you-go music download services with a yearly income between €0 and €20,000 (exc VAT):

Annual flat fee payable in advance

Up to 700 downloads€50/year*
Up to 2,000 downloads€140/year*
Up to 7,000 downloads€480/year*
Up to 15,000 downloads€1000/year*
Up to 30,000 downloads€2,000/year*

Download the standard terms and conditions:

For annual blanket license for small online services offering pay-as-you-go music download

Pay-as-you-go music download services with a yearly income exceeding €20,000 (exc VAT):

Rate9% of income
(including from advertising,
partnerships, sponsoring...)
Minimum amount**€0.07 (exc VAT)* per track downloaded
€0.70 (exc VAT)* per album downloaded (maximum: 15 tracks).
Beyond 15 tracks downloaded in an album, a minimum amount of
€0.0435 (exc VAT)* per additional track.

When the service also provides access to works in the form of pre-listening and/or pre-viewing of excerpts, a monthly fee of €100 (exc VAT)* is charged.

* plus current levies and taxes (VAT and social contributions).

** The amount of remuneration per download cannot be less than the minimum amount.

Licensing conditions

Getting a licence

  1. Fill in your licence request online. Get a licence
  2. A SACEM consultant will contact you to finalize your licence request.


  • If you use commercial recordings (singles, albums, including those which are self-produced), you must also apply for a licence from the producers of such recordings. For answers to your questions, you can contact: